I’m Going on an Adventure!

On Tuesday, (April 7) my family shall embark on a 3 month road trip around the states. despite my reluctance to go, I’m excited about it! It will be an adventure. I’m bringing along my camera, and so I might stop by and post some pictures every once in a while. I’m also bringing loads of books and my sketchbook and notebooks and music, so I think I’m covered. I’ll try to stop by and post more than I have been…


This will be my family’s fourth PD trip, as they’re called, and even though the experience has kind of lost its luster, I’m very interested to see what new things I’ll encounter.

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

P.S. Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. (Also apologies if this post was boring.) Though I can’t make any promises, I’ll try to stop by to write posts more while we’re abroad. If there’s anything you’d like to see me post about in the future, comment with your ideas and requests!

When You Can’t Write…

I’m sure every writer out there has had a day when they thought this: Ugh, I am fresh out of ideas. I’m stuck in all my WIPs(Work-In-Progress) and I don’t know what to write. What do you do when you can’t write?! Sometimes that happens even when you want to write.¬†

Fear not, fellow earthlings! There are ways to combat this feeling. (some people call it writer’s block.[if Calvin and Hobbes wasn’t copyrighted, I’d have put up a picture of the one where Calvin is standing beside a cement block telling Hobbes, “It’s a writer’s block! You put it on your desk and you can’t write anymore!”])

First way: Just write. You don’t know what to write about, so just write about the lamp beside you, and how much greener the shade looks when you turn it on than when it’s off. *shrug* If all else fails to come to mind, write about the wall. If you absolutely can’t write at all, take a look at my next idea.

Method number two: Take a break. Yep. It’s that easy. Instead of slaving away to write one word that doesn’t add to your story, hop up and do something new! I’d suggest that you make it relaxing, refreshing, and something that you like to do. Go for a walk, listen to music, drink tea, have a chat with a friend.

Method two and a half: READ. To me it’s very relaxing, refreshing, and something I like to do. Grab a book, settle into a chair, and read. Who knows what may happen? You could get transported into another world, another life. What’s more, it lets you rest your tired brain by filling it up with stories other than the ones you’re stuck on. By reading what other people have written, you can gather ideas for what you’re writing. I recommend choosing a book similar to whatever you’re writing. You’ll see how someone else has done what you’re trying to do, and it may just give you ideas on getting unstuck. (The idea, mind you, is not to copy people, but to think of ways you can do it differently. Or by picking out things you liked, you can think on how to make your story likable as well.)

So there you have it. When you can’t write, keep plugging on or take a bit of a break to recharge and get inspired. What do you do when you feel that you can’t write?

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Clocks are intricate. Clocks are fascinating. Don’t think so? Ask Hugo.

The book is set in a railway station in the 1930s, France. Hugo Cabret is a 12-year-old orphan boy who lives in the station. He used to be apprenticed to his uncle, the railway station’s timekeeper. When Uncle Claude disappears, Hugo simply keeps the clocks going himself, as he’s been taught. As long as the Station Inspector doesn’t suspect anything, everything will go fine. As well as keeping the clocks ticking, Hugo has an automaton that he’s trying to fix. When he meets an old man and his goddaughter, Hugo learns that just as he’s been keeping the automaton a secret, the automaton has been keeping secrets from him.

Invention of Hugo Cabret

I found The Invention Of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick a wonderful book, even the second time around. (gotta love those kinds of books) I read it first because I’d read another of Brian Selznick’s books (Wonderstruck) and loved that. Something that¬†grabs your attention right away in The Invention of Hugo Cabret are the pictures. As someone who likes to draw, I appreciated the pictures very much. Drawings are just another way to tell stories, really, and Mr. Selznick tells bits of his story well with the pictures. I found myself pausing, just to admire the beauty of them. They made me grin. (The pictures also add to the thickness of the book, making it look much longer than it really is.)

There is such wonderful symbolism and linkage throughout the book. Everything fits so neatly together, like the gears of the clocks Hugo works on. The end of the story knots all the loose ends together very tightly. That was extremely satisfying.

I think this book would be appealing to anyone from the ages of 10 to mid-teen years, although I’m sure it could be enjoyable to those older and younger as well. I’d definitely recommend The Invention of Hugo Cabret to anyone looking for a pleasant read.

The Last Goodbye

The credits song for ‘The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies’ is now out!

Who is excited for the next and final Hobbit movie, The Battle of the Five Armies???!!!!! I definitely am. In fact, I have been waiting all year for it! (As have many people)

I was extremely excited when the Teaser Trailer and finally, the Official Trailer came out! But I am the most excited for this amazingly fantastic song! ‘The Last Goodbye’ is so beautifully written! (written by Billy Boyd in fact. He’s the actor of Pippin in the Lord of the Rings) When I heard just the title of ‘The Last Goodbye’ I knew it was going to be super sad, and now that I’ve heard it, it definitely is.

I think that ‘The Last Goodbye’ is not only saying goodbye to the Hobbit movies, but to all the Lord of the Rings movies as well.

This music video is wonderfully put together, and the words to this song are full of feeling. Also, Billy Boyd is a brilliant singer, so sit back and enjoy as you watch and listen, possibly several times. I personally cannot stop watching this video. I think I’ve watched it at least once a day since I first saw it.

Kindles? Hardbacks? Audiobooks?

With the epidemic of new technology, books seem to be getting left behind for kindles. You can now do away your library to have it all contained on one reading tablet! But is that what you really want?

Most avid readers agree that there is nothing like holding a good old hardback (or paperback) and flipping its pages.

Audiobooks are another option, although they aren’t so different from having someone read out loud to you. If they aren’t abridged, that is. Sometimes they’ve got different voices for different characters to make it more interesting. You can also listen to these at night after the lights are out, and when you’re finished, you don’t have to climb out of bed to flip out the light!

There are benefits to kindle versions. One that I like is that I can carry a greater amount of books in my bag while taking up less space. It also weighs less, which I love because sometimes I carry around so many books in my bag that my shoulder starts hurting!

Despite the good parts of audiobooks and kindles, I still prefer REAL books to the other kinds. :)

What do YOU think? (you can comment!)