Kindles? Hardbacks? Audiobooks?

With the epidemic of new technology, books seem to be getting left behind for kindles. You can now do away your library to have it all contained on one reading tablet! But is that what you really want?

Most avid readers agree that there is nothing like holding a good old hardback (or paperback) and flipping its pages.

Audiobooks are another option, although they aren’t so different from having someone read out loud to you. If they aren’t abridged, that is. Sometimes they’ve got different voices for different characters to make it more interesting. You can also listen to these at night after the lights are out, and when you’re finished, you don’t have to climb out of bed to flip out the light!

There are benefits to kindle versions. One that I like is that I can carry a greater amount of books in my bag while taking up less space. It also weighs less, which I love because sometimes I carry around so many books in my bag that my shoulder starts hurting!

Despite the good parts of audiobooks and kindles, I still prefer REAL books to the other kinds. :)

What do YOU think? (you can comment!)

7 thoughts on “Kindles? Hardbacks? Audiobooks?

  1. I definitely prefer a real book. The variety of layout, typeface, cover art, and the very feel of the paper all contribute to the reading experience. Also, I *sacrilege?* like to mark my books with brief personal notes (in pencil of course) here and there. Think “How To Read A Book” by Mortimer Adler. Then, I can easily locate choice morsels to savor again later. Highlighting in electronic form simply does not satisfy.

  2. I agree with all of ya’ll except Zach! We have a Kindle fire and original b&w Kindle, but I prefer the color one better. A good feature on the Kindle is that if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow tons of books for free! But still, you can’t beat a real book in your hands!!! :)

  3. Another vote for real books! No batteries required, no internet connection. They don’t become outdated when a new version of the device or software is created. :)

  4. You stole the words out of my mouth! I do have a Nook that I have The Hunger Games on but I borrowed the real books from my friend. It just strangely feels better to turn real pages and feel real book weight in your hands.

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