The Last Goodbye

The credits song for ‘The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies’ is now out!

Who is excited for the next and final Hobbit movie, The Battle of the Five Armies???!!!!! I definitely am. In fact, I have been waiting all year for it! (As have many people)

I was extremely excited when the Teaser Trailer and finally, the Official Trailer came out! But I am the most excited for this amazingly fantastic song! ‘The Last Goodbye’ is so beautifully written! (written by Billy Boyd in fact. He’s the actor of Pippin in the Lord of the Rings) When I heard just the title of ‘The Last Goodbye’ I knew it was going to be super sad, and now that I’ve heard it, it definitely is.

I think that ‘The Last Goodbye’ is not only saying goodbye to the Hobbit movies, but to all the Lord of the Rings movies as well.

This music video is wonderfully put together, and the words to this song are full of feeling. Also, Billy Boyd is a brilliant singer, so sit back and enjoy as you watch and listen, possibly several times. I personally cannot stop watching this video. I think I’ve watched it at least once a day since I first saw it.

2 thoughts on “The Last Goodbye

  1. “The Last Goodbye” is for heart-aching reminisces, but “I See Fire” is for contemplating rich, poignant and lasting bonds that symbols (like rings exchanged in promise or covenant) bring to mind each time they are worn.
    “The Last Goodbye” is like a picture album, while “I See Fire” is like an anthem about a solemn pact and the people who made it.

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